This week on the SighSquad Podcast...,

  • Duncan recaps and gives his thoughts on #NXTTakeover
  • The Squad breaks down NBA's AllStar Weekend
  • We discuss week two of the #XFL and make our predictions for week three
  • Brendon goes into #SighSquadFranchiseMode... Giants Edition
  • The group predicts the future of some NFL QB's
  • Pick A Prospect
  • SighSquadPod HOF nominees

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In this week's episode of the @SighSquadPod...

We break down week one of the XFL, discuss the Post Trade deadline NBA, Noah Dives into his predictions for the upcoming MLS season, Ben tells us how to "fix" the Bengals in our new segment, and we each breakdown a prospect for the upcoming NFL Draft!

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February 6, 2020

NFL is Over, Now What?

This week on the SighSquadPod we give our take on everything that happened at the SuperBowl! Then Noah gives his argument to why Eli is a future Hall of Famer!

We also discuss

  • The XFL
  • The best players to never win a SB 
  • NBA AllStar Weekend and the current state of the NBA
  • The current picture of the NHL

To wrap up our episode we talk about Kobe Bryant, how he has impacted us, and our most memorable Kobe moments. 

Hear our predictions for this years SuperBowl in this bonus clip from last weeks episode!

We will back with a new episode next week! 


January 22, 2020

“Guys! Sports Happened!”

This week's episode of the SighSquadPod is full of everything!!!!

  • UFC 246
  • MLB Scandal
  • NFL
    • Retirements
    • Playoffs
    • Rumors
    • Superbowl Predictions
  • NHL update
  • NBA update
  • Royal Rumble preview 

We discuss all of this and more in this weeks action packed episode

This week on the SighSquadPod...

We start off hot by diving right into the NFL Playoffs and predicting the AFC and NFC championship games. We then throw a curveball to discuss the Astros punishment. After that, we kick it over to Noah to give his thoughts on the MLS SuperDraft. Before we wrap up we alley-oop to the NBA. To finish off the show we bring back MountRushmore: Playoff Disappointment Edition!

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January 8, 2020

The Dynasty Has Crumbled!

This weeks episode starts out hot with some exciting news and an unexpected apology! We then dive right into the NFL discussing the coaching carousel, Wild Card Weekend, and the divisional playoff games. We then hurdle to the XFL to discuss the new rules and explanations.  After that, we get fired up for the College Football Championships as we make our predictions for Clemson vs LSU "The Battle of the Tigers". To wrap up this week's episode we give our thoughts on some miscellaneous things going on around the world of sports. 

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January 2, 2020

Boomers Beware!

This week on the SighSquadPod...

  • We share our beef with the NFL100 list
  • We talk about hot seats
  • We Dive into the NFL playoffs
  • Discuss a Few Bowl Games
  • Ally oop over to the NBA
  • Rank Em Point Guard style
  • Create our ALL Decade NFL Team
  • Mount Rushmore returns for moments of the decade!

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In this episode, we go to Pick-It city! we predict every game on #NBAChristmas, the biggest Bowl Games, The #NHLWinterClassic, and We talk about the major games and news going on in the NFL

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From SighSquadPod

December 19, 2019

Pro Bowl Time!

This Week on the SighSquadPod...

  1. We discuss...

    1. Some news in the NHL
    2. Signings and Releases in the NFL
    3. All the teams that have clenched in the NFL
  2. We predict and discuss...
    1. All Crucial Week 16 NFL Games
    2. Pro Bowl discussion
  3. We Rank em
    1. Shooting Guards
  4. We Draft our Defense for our Ultimate Teams

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